Music and lyrics written and performed by
Jason Doyle Ward


I am demons
I am torment
I am endless emptiness

I am deathless
I am stillborn
I am nightmares seared in flesh

Raven storms and locust swarms
Will black out the sun to celebrate my arrival
As faceless hordes of devil lords
Will rape the world under the guiding light of a dead star

As they chant:

"We are but forlorn angels
Draped in sin and razor skies
As madmen cower in fear
We fill their minds with twisted lies"

You pour your cries on bloated gods
Who feast on the fruit of your suffering
As the strength of your tears so slowly disappears
And the names of your nightmares are born again

Golden blood, diamond horns
A crown of rust to rule you all

And you stumble
And you fall
And you crumble
Beneath it all

I am there as a whisper in the air
As burning poison hidden inside a prayer

Life's end - the grand display begins
We have come to claim you

Blood and pain
Your world aflame

Chaos sings its bleeding melody
The breath of life succumbs to
The shadowed hands of destiny

Golden blood, diamond horns
A crown of rust to rule you all

The shepherd guiding your corruption
The burning sword and the venomous voice
The harbinger of the light's destruction
The pied piper of the warfare noise

The nightmare king